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20.2.2010 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 18396

Kostelní 2075/28b, 747 21 Kravaře

GPS: 49° 55' 59" N  18° 01' 50" E
         49.9330034611111  49.9330034611111

Tel.: +420 553 777 591 / E-mail

The main pool is intended for visitor relaxation. In the pool there are several different spouters, water cannons, massage benches and beds, and a cave with bubblers and a cascade. The main attraction of this pool is a wild river. Parts of the pool are also two lanes 25m long with starting blocks. A water temperature of this pool is 30 º. There is a whirlpool bath accessible by means of stairs. The whirlpool bath is intended for 6 persons. A water temperature is 34ºC. In another part of the pool hall there are two little pools for children with a water mushroom. A depth of water in these pools is 40 and 60cm and a water temperature is 30ºC. A twisting water slide 65m long, led through the outdoor area, is accessible by means of stairs. Finish is in the right corner of the pool hall. Also a snack-bar for the public is available in a part of the pool hall as well as in the entrance hall. A sauna, a steam room, and massages are operated on the first floor of the facilities.

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