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20.6.2011 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 21621

Zámek 1, 39165 Bechyně

GPS: 49° 17' 29" N  14° 28' 05" E
         49.291416  49.291416

Tel.: +420 381 211 12 / E-mail

Welcome to the website of the 1st South Bohemian golf club in Bechyně. Information is available here for golf club members, golfers, beginners and anyone with an interest in experiencing this sport for themselves or who simply wishes to enjoy relaxing in the picturesque setting of South Bohemia. DESCRIPTION OF HOLES Hole no. 1; par 4 (HCP 9, 10) yellow 349, red 318 Jamka č. 1 The lane of the hole leads directly from the starting tee along a meadow between two outspread oaks. A narrow stream cuts across the lane in front of you to present an obstacle. Along the left side is a lengthwise water hazard marked with red stakes, usually formed by a dry, narrow gulley surrounded by thick but low rough. The fairway is even. All the green areas are relatively soft and very well maintained condition. The green is medium sized, and protected on the front right side by a small, flat bunker. From the rear behind the green area is a low, grassy rampart which prevents the ball from running far behind the green. Hole no. 2; par 4 (HCP 3, 4) yellow 391, red 336 Jamka č. 2This hole leads in the direction back to the clubhouse. Again the fairway is even and provides a clear view, surrounded by trees. A dried gulley leads along the left side, marked by red stakes. Here too it is necessary to locate the drive straight between the trees. The second hole is a few dozen metres longer than the first hole. On the left is the “diver”, a small but a longer pond, behind which is the pumping station, in local rules indicated as an immovable obstruction. In addition to the pond, the dried gulley again crosses the lane. The second largest green is protected from the left and the rear by a second bunker, behind which at a greater distance is thick rough, in which the ball is difficult to find. Hole no. 3 ; par 3 (HCP 17, 18) yellow 135, red 129 Jamka č. 3At this hole it is necessary to cross to the second field next to the clubhouse behind the road. The teeing ground is raised here. Along the right side is a fence before the trees and the road, demarcating the course boundary. At this hole it is prohibited to drive the ball while a vehicle is passing on the road. The lane, cut as very low semi-rough, is even and crossed by several fruit trees. Behind them is a free path to the green area, in front of which is a bunker. The green is again medium-sized, and behind it on all sides is another bunker, in addition to which is a grass-covered hollow and a low grassy rampart before the forest. On the edge of the adjacent forest is a fence, described in the local rules as the course boundary Hole no. 4 - par 4 (HCP 15,16) yellow 303, red 275 Jamka č. 4The next hole is reached through a forest and along a wooden path across the field. At the teeing ground of the first “forest” hole a short but wide fairway is visible, and to the right a tall, thin oak. From a bend in the fairway (of the left to right dogleg type) the medium-sized green is visible, which is protected from the left by a large bunker. A local specific is the grassy knoll before the green area, to which it is necessary to adjust your stroke. Hole no. 5 - par 5 (HCP 1, 2) yellow 482, red 450 Jamka č. 5This is another “forest” hole beyond the forest path. The fairway is relatively clearly arranged. A guide is the isolated tall tree right in the middle of the lane. On both sides of the lane is a lengthwise water hazard. The green is not visible. The last third of the lane is practically a right-angled dogleg, the left side of which is however fairly wide. From the bend a view opens up onto the green. The green is smaller, but there is a shallow bunker diagonally from each side. The forest is bordered by a fence, which is an immovable obstruction. Hole no. 6 - par 3 (HCP 11, 12) yellow 164, red 155 Jamka č. 6Return by the forest path to a smaller field behind the clubhouse where hole no. 3 was played. The entire field is closed off by a fence demarcating the course boundary. The green is visible from the raised teeing ground. The lane, which is cut as very low semi-rough, is intersected with a few fruit trees. The green has an elongated shape and is a little offset to the left with a shallow bunker on both sides. There is sufficient free surface on the right and left sides. Jamka č. 7Hole no. 7 - Par 5 (HCP 13, 14) yellow 416, red 383 This hole is located in a large field. Here there is a fence along the entire length of the lane, which demarcates the course boundary – out. Between the lane and the fence is thick rough with a number of electrical transmission poles. From the tee the fairway spreads out before you. To the right there are only a few trees which separate this lane from that of hole no. 2. The lane is crossed by a dried gulley close to the tee, marked by yellow stakes. The green is elongated and the green area is protected from the right and left by a bunker, and at the rear is a protective grassy rampart. Hole no. 8 - par 3 (HCP 5, 6) yellow 143, red 135 Jamka č. 8The lane of this hole spreads out from the tee, the fairway is only before the green, the other grass surface is cut as semi-rough. There is thick rough with a tree on the left side, behind which is the fence demarcating the course boundary. The lane is crossed by an undulation of a dried gulley, marked with yellow stakes. The elongated green inclines in the direction of the teeing ground. To the right is a smaller bunker, on the other side are two bunkers. Behind the green area is a large dip, or grass-covered bunker. Behind this is a grassy bank. The group of lower trees along the right side presents no danger. Hole no. 9 - par 5 (HCP 7, 8) yellow 443, red 368 Jamka č.9The last hole runs along the access road with an alley of chestnut trees, and so here also the local rule applies that the ball must not be struck when cars are passing. The teeing ground is again slightly raised, and along the alley are a number of isolated oaks, which due to their extending branches may present an obstacle. To the right, on the boundary between this lane and the lane of hole no. 1 is also a large tree, but the fairway is relatively wide, so your ball has plenty of unobstructed space. A short distance before the green the lane is again crossed by a water hazard, and massive oaks tower to a considerable height on both sides. The green is medium sized, in an elongated shape, surrounded on three sides by a grassy bank. There is a bunker between the higher rear embankment and the green area.

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