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20.6.2011 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 18637

Alejní 26, 74721 Kravaře

GPS: 49° 55' 47" N  17° 59' 60" E
         49.9297279  49.9297279

Tel.: +420 553 673 202 gsm: +420 724 106 804 / E-mail

Here you have the unique opportunity to play in a palace park. This time, you will be taken to teh Baroque period. Youcan look forward to an unforgettable experience of playing in an English park, in which the course has been situated since 1997. You will play among rare and precious trees, brooks, pools and flower beds. While the course is rather flat and quite short and good players won´t need their woods, there are several pitfalls that may catch even experienced players by surprise. In Kravaře, it is important to aim carefully before you take ady shot, ant then you can peacefully enjoy the ancient atmosphere of the old times in combination with the friendly atmospehre of the present.

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