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20.6.2011 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 22330

Na Golfovém hřišti 1020, 68401 Slavkov u Brna

GPS: 49° 09' 26" N  16° 52' 17" E
         49.1571259  49.1571259

Tel.: +420 544 221 963 / E-mail

Golf course Austerlitz This eighteen-hole championship course is only a ten-minute drive from the Moravian city of Brno. It was designed by the prominent Austrian golf architect Hans - Georg Erhardt and it was completed in 1997. In addition to numerous water hazards and deep bunkers, it is the carefully designed artifi cial water surfaces, whose total area is about three hectares, that make this hilly course both challenging and intriguing. Play is further complicated by the shifting winds, which often change direction on this open course. Newsletter Austerlitz Chateau academy Even golf beginners can enjoy themselves, as there is a public course available within the romantic garden of a local chateau located in the immediate vicinity of the course. And if you happen to be a history lover, you should not hesitate to visit the location where Napoleon I emerged victorious from the legendary Battle of Three Emperors in 1805. Championship course characteristics The golf course in Slavkov, which was designed by a renovned architectonic agency of Hans-Georg Erhardt from Steyer, is a unique golf area. In cooperation with foreign professionals a golf course of links type is being developed here. The strenuousness and singularity of this course is raised not only by natural obstacles and many bunkers (in total circa 120) but also artificially made water pools of total area of 3 hectares. The part of the area are alsou high quality training places. And castle academy par 3 is situated in the castle park, which is famous for the Battle of Three Emperors with spectacular victory of Napoleon I. in the year 1805. Chateau Academy charakteristic In the golf area of Slavkov course there si also a six-hole academy par 3. It is situated in the castle park and it offers the players a wonderful view of Slavkov castle. Anyone who is interested in playing golf can try it here without having HCP or being a member of golf club. The academy is appropriate mainly for beginners who can play golf, for a small charge, in this beatiful area of hundred-year-old trees all day long.

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