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20.6.2011 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 16865

Dostihová dráha , 76315 Slušovice

GPS: 49° 15' 09" N  17° 48' 03" E
         49.2524102  49.2524102

Tel.: +420 577 982 234 / E-mail

The Golf club offers the opportunity to playa round of golf inside a recetrack oval, similarly to Karlovy Vary - Závodiště. The idea of building a golf course here dates back to the 1980s. A 12-hole course opened in 1992, whis was redesigned into a 9-hole course in the late 1990s. While this course is not difficult to play, it can give you a hard time. Especially the hurdles - fences acan often complicate play. Don´t underestimate them! They are not obstructions so you risk declaring the ball unplayable. Every gorfer learns to appreciate the importance of their short game here. The fairways are open, and so the play is further complicated by wind on some holes.

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