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28.3.2010 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 14549

, 78324 Slavětín u Litovle

GPS: 49° 40' 13" N  16° 54' 45" E
         49.6703545111111  49.6703545111111

Tel.: +420 585 345 451 / E-mail

The underground system of the Javoříčko caves consists of a complex set of corridors, caves and abysses created inside an island of Devon calcites by the Špraněk stream. The greatest portion of the caves was discovered as early as in 1938 during a several-hour difficult pass through the lower floor. The upper floors were discovered in stages, mainly in the 1950s. To-date over 3.5 km of corridors have been investigated, out of which 788 m has been made accessible for the public. The cave is beautifully decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, the most beautiful ones are to be found inside two mighty spaces - „Detritus Cave“ and „Cave of Giants“. In addition to the traditional types of stalactites and stalagmites, some of them reaching respectable size, there is also a large occurrence of „helictites“, stalactites or stalagmites growing against gravitation laws. One of the dominants of the cave is „Curtain“, which is over 2 m long. The lower floor, inaccessible to the public, consists of a complex labyrinth of corridors connected by abysses up to 60 m deep, which have not yet been fully investigated.

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