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1.4.2010 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 30516

, 678 01 Skalní Mlýn

GPS: 49° 22' 17" N  16° 43' 50" E
         49.3715128972222  49.3715128972222

Tel.: /

The Macocha Gorge is the biggest gorge of its type in Central Europe. The bottom of the gorge has constituted since 1914 an integral part of tours through the publicly available Punkva Caves. The actual gorge is freely accessible. Visitors can view it from two outlook bridges; from the top bridge (138 meters above the bottom) and the lower bridge (approx. 90 meters above the bottom). An initial point for visiting both bridges is the paid parking lot, approx. 200 meters from the gorge. Not far from the top bridge, there is a cable railway station that leads to the Punkva Caves. A picturesque tourist route leads from the lower bridge to the Punkva Caves.

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