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1.4.2010 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 32236

, 679 13 Sloup v Moravském Krasu

GPS: 49° 24' 38" N  16° 44' 19" E
         49.41049695  49.41049695

Tel.: +420 516 435 335 / E-mail

A large complex of underground domes, corridors and chasms created in two floors. Sloup - Šošůvka caves is an important place where cave animal carcasses (bear, lion, hyena) have been found. Eliška's Cave with its rich stalactite decoration has also an excellent acoustics and that is why it is sometimes used for chamber music concerts. During reconstruction in 1997, the Stupňovitá chasm was spanned with a bridge and a new nontraditional view revealed to the visitors. Nagel chasm, 80 metres in depth, is the greatest underground abyss of this type in the Czech Republic. From the two platform-bridges the visitors can look down to the bottom. Since 1997, a part of the sight-seeing tour is also world-famous archaelogical locality - Kůlna Cave - where a part Neanderthal man's skull, about 120 000 years old, was found. Šošůvka's area, discovered at the beginning of 20th century is characterized by fragile and colour stalactite and stalagmite decoration.

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