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28.3.2010 pavel  /  Number of presentasion: 28775

, 753 51 Teplice nad Bečvou

GPS: 49° 31' 54" N  17° 44' 45" E
         49.5316857694444  49.5316857694444

Tel.: +420 581 601 866 / E-mail

The caves are situated in the pictureresque valley of the Bečva river near the spa Teplice nad Bečvou. This is a unique cave system of European significance created by simultaneous activities of atmospheric water and hot mineral water, springing from great depths in the dolomite area. The unique decorations of the caves contain aragonite, „geyser“ stalagmites and sinter ball coating, reminding of doughnuts. The bottom levels of the caves are parmanently filled with carbon dioxide. The caves are the warmest underground spaces of the Czech Republic, with permanent temperature of 14 degrees Centigrade, which remains stable throughout the year. The system was discovered in 1912 and made accessible to the public in 1926. Not far from the caves there is the deepest abyss of the Czech Republic called „Hranice Abyss“. Its dry section, which can be seen, is -69.5 m deep. The depth of the water-filled section was verified by the latest measurement in 2006 to be another -220 m. The total depth, as measured so far, is -289.5 m, but the bottom has not been reached yet.

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